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Portable Table Rentals

We offer day,weekend and student rates on table and chair rentals.


We sell LeverTec Therapy Equipment Ltd's full line of electric tables at their factory prices. Shipping from B.C. is approximately $250. Until this page is complete you can visit their website catalogue at You can also drop by our store to see one of their 2001 model tables.

Prestige Therapy Table
Treat yourself and your patient with the new low-priced height adjustable therapy table from LeverTec, combining quality and strength with an unbeatable price. Height range 18-37". Table dimensions 28x72".
More info and photos..

LeverTec Prestige Therapy Table Hydraulic
$2,250.00 Item: P-700-01 Quantity:
LeverTec Prestige Therapy Table Electric
$2,250.00 Item: P-800-02 Quantity:
Classic Therapy Table
LeverTec's Classic is the most cost-effective all-purpose height adjustable therapy table. Ideal for hospital and clinic use. You can adjust the headrest with the touch of your finger. The ingenious steel frame prvides this and all other LeverTec therapy tables with the most firm and stable treatment surfaces on the market. Height range 18-37". Table dimensions 26,28,30-x72".
More info and photos.

LeverTec Classic Table Hydraulic
$2,190.00 Item: C-700-01 Quantity:
LeverTec Classic Table Electric
$2,250.00 Item: C-800-02 Quantity:
Classic Comfort Therapy Table
The infinitely adjustable armrests enhance the patient to completely relax shoulder and neck muscles. This therapy table is so comfortable that even long treatments in a prone position are a pleasure for both patient and therapist. Height range 18-37". Table dimensions 26,28,30-x78".
More info and photos.

LeverTec Classic Comfort Table Hydraulic
$2,450.00 Item: C-700-05 Quantity:
LeverTec Classic Comfort Table Electric
$2,580.00 Item: C-800-06 Quantity:
Diversity Therapy Table
This therapy table is the practical choice where the full spectrum of techniques provided by the Manual Therapy are not required. Features adjustable head and foot section with a fixed midsection. Infinitely adjustable leg section to 85 degrees for elevation of limbs or support of the trunk. Within seconds, this therapy table can be transformed into a chair for convenient treatments in sitting position. Height range 18-37". Table dimensions 26,28,30-x78".
More info and photos.

LeverTec Diversity Therapy Table Hydraulic
$2,470.00 Item: D-700-01 Quantity:
LeverTec Diversity Therapy Table Electric
$2,600.00 Item: D-800-02 Quantity:
Diversity Comfort Therapy Table
This all-purpose therapy table features an infinitely adjustable head and foot section with a fixed midsection. The additional feature of two adjustable armrests, which can be lowered 9 inches from horizontal. Height range 18-37". Table dimensions 26,28,30-x78".
More info and photos.

LeverTec Diversity Comfort Therapy Table Hydraulic
$2,710.00 Item: D-700-05 Quantity:
LeverTec Diversity Comfort Therapy Table Electric
$2,840.00 Item: D-800-06 Quantity:

Earth Lite

Avalon XD
The Avalon XD™ massage table package combines value and unparalleled performance for the massage professional or serious student. This workhorse table is handsome and durable too – with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. As it has for almost 20 years, the Avalon table is the ultimate blend of honest value, intelligent design and true craftsmanship.
Earth Lite Avalon
$645.00 Item: AVA-645 Quantity:
Stronglite Classic Deluxe
A 30" classic deluxe portable massage table with reiki endplates and shiatsu option safety lock support system. Two knob leg extensions, comfort 3" foam system. Finished with high-gloss lacquer on English Beech hardwood. Luxurious SatinTouch vinyl in your choice of black or blue (other colours available). Double action plus face rest. Standard carry case
StrongLite Classic Deluxe
$561.00 Item: STR-561 Quantity:
Harmony DX
Earthlite’s Harmony DX portable massage table package is packed with features and value. Earthlite’s reknowned attention to detail and the lifetime warranty from the industry’s premier table manufacturer should put you at ease for years of worry free professional use.
Earth Lite Harmony DX
$495.00 Item: AVA-645 Quantity:
Vortex Massage Chair
At only 15 pounds, the Vortex massage chair is one of, if not the lightest massage chairs on the market today. Expertly engineered
Vortex Massage Chair
$450.00 Item: VOR-450 Quantity:

Maple Massage Tables and Equipment

Maple Massage Equipment and Supplies was created to meet the growing needs of a thriving industry or professional practitioners and therapists. All tables have been weight tested to a static weight of 2000lb and a working weight of 575lb, unless a higher limit is noted. Made in the Canadian Prairies.
All Maple Massage tables and chairs have a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on construction and a five-year warranty on vinyl. Made in the Canadian Prairies.

Impression $450
By its very nature of basic design this lightweight portable table offers students and therapists an economical, durable purchase option. Lifetime warranty.

Working Weight 575lb * Table dimensions 29 or 30" x 72" * Height 24" to 30" * Weight 32lb * 2-inch high-density foam * Ultima Vinyl - assorted colours * Construction - Canadian Hard Maple, Baltic Birch * Includes Standard Face Rest * Lifetime Warranty

Double Contour $625
This contoured table is notable for its beauty and excellence bringing the practitioner Ergonomic top contours from both ends 28" at the shoulder to 23" at the table centre, allowing easier access to the shoulder girdle.

Lifetime Warranty * Working Weight 675lb * Table Dimensions 25" to 30" x 72" * Height 23" to 33" * Weight 42lb * 2-inch high density foam * Levante or Sta-Soft Vinyl - assorted colours * Construction - Canadian Hard Maple, Baltic Birch * Lifetime Warranty
Choice of colour. See Colour Chart

Intrinsic Chiropractic Table $660
A natural original design in a portable chiropractic table. Adjustable face rest fits on all Maple Massage tables.

Lifetime Warranty * Lightweight 24lb design * Firm High-Density Foam * Levante or Sta-Soft Vinyl * Canadian Hard Maple Construction * Working Weight 675lb * Table Dimensions 24" to 26" X 60" * Height Range 23" to 33" * Comes with Chiropractic Face Rest

Choice of colour. See Colour Chart

Notable Massage Chair $525
This distinguished portable therapy chair, with its natural wooden design, is compact, lightweight and built from high-quality materials. There is a major emphasis on ergonomics, ensuring proper alignment and a truly relaxing experience for your client.
Durable Canadian Hard Maple. Lifetime Warranty.

Table Accessories

Carrying Bags $68
Full/Half Bolsters $60
Hydraulic Stool $125
Wedge Bolster $95
Arm Rest $65
Side Extensions $70
Table Extension $70
Face Cushion $50
Adjustable Head Rest $90

Pro Pad Table Warmer

The best table warmer on the market, using fiberthermics® the heating elements are composed of textile fibres and not metal coils. Results in superior comfort and safety, even distribution of heat, and comes with a six temperature settings.30” x 73” (75 x 180 cm).

Pro Pad Table Warmer
$165.00 Item: PRO-180

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Digital Table Warmer

This 30"x72" warmer provides even warmth from one end of the table to the other. Elastic bands hold it securely to your table to avoid slipping. The new digitally adjustable heat settings allow you to customize the heat for client comfort.Both temperature and time are controled by the Digital unit. Temperature range from 30°C to 75°C, timer to 99 minutes.

Digital Table Warmer
$110.00 Item: DIG-110

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