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Harris Stillpointer

The Harris Stillpointer is designed to interrupt the stress cycle. It triggers the body's own physiology to end stress response, with dramatic results. When the body is calmed, it is free to refresh itself, repair itself, rejuvenate itself.
Spheres made of very soft, comfortable foam. Supple, durable non-latex skin washes easily with damp cloth. Clips and ball-link chain allow spheres to be easily adjusted to fit your head. Yellow happy face design.

Harris Stillpointer
$30.00 Item: HAR-001 Quantity:

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Upledger Stillpoint Inducer

Available in both the original and the new softer version for added comfort, these newly-redesigned stillpointers use 80% less synthetic material. Support your clients between sessions with this simple device that creates natural still points to release tissue and relieve pain and stress.
  • Helps relieve headaches
  • Eases chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • Enhances immune sytem efficiency
  • Facilitates your body's self-correcting abilities
  • Provides deep relaxation and helps reduce stress
  • Promotes an overall sense of well being

Stillpoint Inducer Hard
$29.50 Item: UPL-001 Quantity:
Stillpoint Inducer Soft
$29.50 Item: UPL-002 Quantity:

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$50.00 Item: STE-001 Quantity:
Blood Pressure Kit (attached stethoscope)
Blood Pressure Kit
$59.00 Item: BPK-001 Quantity:

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Lymph Drainage

Pascoe Lymphdiaral Products

Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream
Topical homeopathic treatment to help relieve symptoms of swelling, inflammation and infection such as pain, fever, swollen lymph nodes due to injury or recurrent illness.Each 100 g contains: Each 100 g contains:Conium Dil. 10.0 g, Calendula 2.0 g, Colchicum seminibus 1.0 g, Mercurius bijodatus Trit. 0.1 g, Stibium sulfuratum nigrum Trit. 0.1 g
Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream
$30.00 Item: LDC-001 Quantity:
Lymphdiaral Oral Drops
Homeopathic remedy used to relieve symptoms of swelling, inflammation and infection, such as pain, fever, swollen lymph nodes due to injury or recurrent conditions such as earaches, tonsillitis, and sinusitis.
1 g (= 41 drops) contains: Taraxacum 0.08 g,Calendula 0.045 g, Arsenicum album Dil. 0.01 g, Chelidonium Dil. 0.005 g, Leptandra 0.003 g, Echinacea Dil. 0.003 g, Phytolacca Dil. 0.002 g, Carduus marianus Dil. 0.002 g, Condurango Dil. 0.001 g, Hydrastis 0.001 g,Lycopodium Dil. 0.001 g, Sanguinaria Dil. 0.001 g, Contains 39% vol. alcohol.
Lymphdiaral Oral Drops
$35.00 Item: LOD-001 Quantity:

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Lymphoderm Lotion
Lymphoderm is an ideal skincare lotion for lymphedematous limb areas due to its special low PH formulation. Also, with the addition of Citronella as an ingredient, this lotion offers an insect repellant property not found in other lotions. Lymphoderm has a pleasant, mild grapefruit scent making it attractive for daily application.
Lymphoderm Lotion 8 oz
$24.00 Item: LDM-008 Quantity:
Lymphoderm Bathing
Lymphoderm Bathing Solution
$16.00 Item: LOD-001 Quantity:

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Lymphediva Compression Sleeves

Breast Health

Ho'Ano Breast Caress

Mastos Breast Oil

Made by St. Francis Herb Farm, this is a superb oil, specially formulated to keep the breasts healthy and to alleviate certain conditions. For treatment of mastitis, breast cysts, breast cancer, post-surgical breast care, and preventative therapy. Organic/Certified Organic blend of: Phytolacca (Poke) (Phytolacca americana), Calendula (Calendula officinalis), Red Clover (Trifolium pratense), Mullein (Verbascum thapsus), Lobelia (Lobelia inflata), Kosher Certified Gargano Gold™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Essential Oils of Lavender, Tangerine, Palmarosa, Rosemary, Celery, and Galbanum.

Mastos Breast Oil 250ml
$42.75 Item: MBO-250

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Carbo Trading Blister Packs (100)

Carbo Trading Blister Pack (100) (4oz)
$9.50 Item: CRB-100 Quantity:

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